Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Explaining My Unexplained Hiatus!

Hello Beauties!

I'm SO sorry I've been a total bum over the past few weeks. I feel the need to explain myself!

My husband and I recently got married in January...If you remember; January was when I decided to re-brand my entire store. This initiative came out of the fact that:
A)    I wanted to start taking my business seriously, and
B)     My husband moved into my apartment (which was too small for just ME) and I we were under the impression that we were going to move to a few different states or countries for my work. SO it’s been difficult to calculate my next move with the store! 
C)    My Etsy room has been turned into the storage room L The room with the best light and most space has become the dumping ground for packed boxes and Dave’s bass, keyboard, and accordion (oh yeah! He plays the accordion…haha! Multi-talented!).

SO, long story short…I didn’t want to put up some awesome stuff for you guys and then have to tear down shop right afterward because we were all of the sudden moving to London!

Now, I have a much better idea of what our next move is so I figured I could let you all know! We’re scheduled to move into a new place with more space and better light in September! YAY!

I will continue to post stuff to my blog, but I promise you (without a DOUBT) that I will start posting stuff in my store and posting on my blog on a regular basis as SOON as I am moved!

September 30th is my target date!
Stay tuned and I will give you a sweet perk on opening day!