Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vavoom Pinups!

Hello Gorgeous!
Thats me! I'm an official pin up, and you can be too! 
Me (and 4 of my friends) got primped and fancy at Vavoom Pinups in Chicago! I had seen pin up pictures somewhere and I decided I wanted to see what I would look like as a pin up....SO, I Googled "pin-up photographers Chicago" and Vavoom Pinups appeared!

They are located in Logan Square at 2239 N Kimball Ave. You can purchase a photo session by yourself or gather 4 or 5 of your girlfriends together to do a group shoot (which also ends up being cheaper for all of you in the long run).

Once you pick a time and date for your party, you can bring your own outfits or you can choose from their selection (I did both). The make up and hair artists deck you out and then you go upstairs for your photo shoot.

They have props and the photographer makes you feel super comfortable and she coaches you on how to do pinup poses so it's all really easy and comfortable.

If you wanna watch the process, check this out! 

After your photo shoot, you pick out your favorite photos and she stores them on your own secure online  album within a weeks time so you can choose the photos you want to have airbrushed and made into a portrait, print, or other kinds of products (like calendars or other fun stuff).

My friends and I definitely had a lot of fun getting pretty and posing for pictures! The process and the photos give you a major self confidence boost! You should try it!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Home Sweet Studio!

Hi Ya Gorgeous!
I'm back from St. Louis and excited to start taking pictures for my Etsy store! I started taking some practice pictures in my "studio" this evening. This gave me the idea for my blog post! Today,  I'm going to introduce you to my "studio" (I put the word studio in parentheses because it's located in an apartment which means it's temporary) AND give you a few tips if you're trying to organize your own studio.

Putting my studio together was not easy, but it was a lot of fun! I ran into all kinds of issues, but I came up with inventive ways to fix things as best I could. I'm going to use my experience to hopefully help you too!
My main issues and solutions!  

Issue: I can't paint. :( I wish I could paint the wall a cool vintage green or pink, but we live in an apartment and our landlord won't let us.
Solution: I'm still bummed I can't paint, but I was able to hang some pictures, a mirror, and my vintage red shelving unit where I'm able to place some of my favorite stuff from New Orleans. Even though I can't paint,  I was still able to make the space feel more comfortable and more like me. This is half the battle!

Please ignore my plaid work
in progress!  
Issue: I have to share my space. My studio is on one wall of our sitting room.  
Solution: I may have to share my space, but I was able to carve out a little section for all of my crafting treasures. I used 2 square book shelves from Ikea to make a small storage wall for my books, sewing materials, and other crafting supplies. I also found a vintage desk at Salvation Army for $50 that serves as my sewing desk, crafting table, and my everyday work space.
My husband has a smaller room next to my studio where he has set up our guitars and his keyboard and a futon for guests (I call it his man cave) BUT I did steal the closet in that room for my Etsy clothes.

Issue: Storage.
Solution: I was able to optimize storage space by designating vintage kitchen canisters, vintage tins, and boxes for all of my crafting materials. A simple wall hook works great as easy access storage for  work in progress.  

Tea, Sugar, & Flour

Erasers, Rubber Stamps, & Staples

Colored Pencils, Crayons, and Glue
Putting your space together may seem a little overwhelming at first, but don't give up! Creating your own space is rewarding and exciting!

These small tips will help move the process along:
1) Narrow down the desired look and feel of your space. If it's for your Etsy store, you may want the look and feel to be similar to your store.
2) Inspiration -  Gather items that inspire and stimulate you. Make sure they match your desired look and feel for your space.
3) Be honest with yourself! What makes you comfortable? What are your favorite colors? What makes you happy and free?
I hope this posting helps you on your path to creating your space!

Friday, December 9, 2011


I'll be in St. Louis for the next 3 days! 

My friend Erin and I are driving down this evening for her baby shower! She's (obviously) from St. Louis, but I have never been there so I'm excited to check out the city with a native. ;) I'm also really excited about bringing my new camera along....but what I'm MOST excited about (aside form the baby shower, of course) is that she said she knows where there are some SWEET antique stores. I can't WAIT to hit em' up! It all makes me want to watch 'Meet Me In St. Louis!' ;)

See you soon!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My New FujiFilm FinePix has Arrived!!!!

FujiFilm FinePix S2950

YAY!!! I'm so excited! My new camera arrived today! This means I am one step closer to launching my store! :)

When looking for a camera one should always do their homework. Before I settled on a camera type and style, i consulted the Etsy Photography Guide. I learned a lot of interesting facts, but the most important tip I read was that the type of camera doesn't really matter much compared to the lighting quality (check out this GREAT article from Etsy).

I got my FujiFilm FinePix S2950 online from Best Buy. They had a great bundle deal that included the camera, a memory card, a tripod, and a camera bag all for $185. Just to break it in, I took a few practice shots of my new Hell Razor hair clip and they turned out alright without any special lighting.  
My Sweet Skull Hair Clip from Hell Razor!
I also took a few pictures of my cat Audrey.
The best one is located below.... 

Thanks for stopping by!!!! 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Why Yes Sir, That IS My Tampon!

Ok, it's Friday. That means I will be celebrating someone awesome in my post...

Today, I choose the random man walking out of the corner pizza shop who watched me plummet to the ground uncontrollably after tripping over my own foot. As he walked out the door with his extra large cheese and pepperoni pizza, I doubt that he had prepared himself for the hilariously awkward encounter he was about to witness...BUT (miraculously) he was able to keep a semi-straight face and even make an attempt to help me pick up random things I'd dropped...like peanut butter, lipgloss, and TAMPONS!!!! Ohhhhh that poor, poor man...He made a reach for the tampon until he realized what it was. HA!

ANYWAY, this evening I am giving major kudos too this man who was able to keep his laughter to himself (at least until I was out of dodge). His self control far outweighs my own. I didn't suffer any broken bones or anything serious, just 2 scrapped knees....My leggings, however, were not as lucky. Although, hey do look kinda cool now with multiple holes in them. Ooh! I can wear them with my 90s lbd and look killer!

SEE! You can ALWAYS reinvent your wardrobe, just be creative! ;)
Thanks, pizza connoisseur with self control of steel!        

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Ok, so I saw the new Marilyn Monroe movie...I wasn't really planning on going to see it, but a few girls from work wanted me to go this evening. I wasn't 100% impressed, but it was all in all a good film... I mean, I'm not a professional film critic either so don't take my word for it....I just feel like these movies and stories, etc...aren't necessarily fair to Marilyn Monroe as she is no longer with us. I probably sound like a pretentious douche bag, but it's how I feel!
 I love you Marilyn!