Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vavoom Pinups!

Hello Gorgeous!
Thats me! I'm an official pin up, and you can be too! 
Me (and 4 of my friends) got primped and fancy at Vavoom Pinups in Chicago! I had seen pin up pictures somewhere and I decided I wanted to see what I would look like as a pin up....SO, I Googled "pin-up photographers Chicago" and Vavoom Pinups appeared!

They are located in Logan Square at 2239 N Kimball Ave. You can purchase a photo session by yourself or gather 4 or 5 of your girlfriends together to do a group shoot (which also ends up being cheaper for all of you in the long run).

Once you pick a time and date for your party, you can bring your own outfits or you can choose from their selection (I did both). The make up and hair artists deck you out and then you go upstairs for your photo shoot.

They have props and the photographer makes you feel super comfortable and she coaches you on how to do pinup poses so it's all really easy and comfortable.

If you wanna watch the process, check this out! 

After your photo shoot, you pick out your favorite photos and she stores them on your own secure online  album within a weeks time so you can choose the photos you want to have airbrushed and made into a portrait, print, or other kinds of products (like calendars or other fun stuff).

My friends and I definitely had a lot of fun getting pretty and posing for pictures! The process and the photos give you a major self confidence boost! You should try it!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Home Sweet Studio!

Hi Ya Gorgeous!
I'm back from St. Louis and excited to start taking pictures for my Etsy store! I started taking some practice pictures in my "studio" this evening. This gave me the idea for my blog post! Today,  I'm going to introduce you to my "studio" (I put the word studio in parentheses because it's located in an apartment which means it's temporary) AND give you a few tips if you're trying to organize your own studio.

Putting my studio together was not easy, but it was a lot of fun! I ran into all kinds of issues, but I came up with inventive ways to fix things as best I could. I'm going to use my experience to hopefully help you too!
My main issues and solutions!  

Issue: I can't paint. :( I wish I could paint the wall a cool vintage green or pink, but we live in an apartment and our landlord won't let us.
Solution: I'm still bummed I can't paint, but I was able to hang some pictures, a mirror, and my vintage red shelving unit where I'm able to place some of my favorite stuff from New Orleans. Even though I can't paint,  I was still able to make the space feel more comfortable and more like me. This is half the battle!

Please ignore my plaid work
in progress!  
Issue: I have to share my space. My studio is on one wall of our sitting room.  
Solution: I may have to share my space, but I was able to carve out a little section for all of my crafting treasures. I used 2 square book shelves from Ikea to make a small storage wall for my books, sewing materials, and other crafting supplies. I also found a vintage desk at Salvation Army for $50 that serves as my sewing desk, crafting table, and my everyday work space.
My husband has a smaller room next to my studio where he has set up our guitars and his keyboard and a futon for guests (I call it his man cave) BUT I did steal the closet in that room for my Etsy clothes.

Issue: Storage.
Solution: I was able to optimize storage space by designating vintage kitchen canisters, vintage tins, and boxes for all of my crafting materials. A simple wall hook works great as easy access storage for  work in progress.  

Tea, Sugar, & Flour

Erasers, Rubber Stamps, & Staples

Colored Pencils, Crayons, and Glue
Putting your space together may seem a little overwhelming at first, but don't give up! Creating your own space is rewarding and exciting!

These small tips will help move the process along:
1) Narrow down the desired look and feel of your space. If it's for your Etsy store, you may want the look and feel to be similar to your store.
2) Inspiration -  Gather items that inspire and stimulate you. Make sure they match your desired look and feel for your space.
3) Be honest with yourself! What makes you comfortable? What are your favorite colors? What makes you happy and free?
I hope this posting helps you on your path to creating your space!

Friday, December 9, 2011


I'll be in St. Louis for the next 3 days! 

My friend Erin and I are driving down this evening for her baby shower! She's (obviously) from St. Louis, but I have never been there so I'm excited to check out the city with a native. ;) I'm also really excited about bringing my new camera along....but what I'm MOST excited about (aside form the baby shower, of course) is that she said she knows where there are some SWEET antique stores. I can't WAIT to hit em' up! It all makes me want to watch 'Meet Me In St. Louis!' ;)

See you soon!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My New FujiFilm FinePix has Arrived!!!!

FujiFilm FinePix S2950

YAY!!! I'm so excited! My new camera arrived today! This means I am one step closer to launching my store! :)

When looking for a camera one should always do their homework. Before I settled on a camera type and style, i consulted the Etsy Photography Guide. I learned a lot of interesting facts, but the most important tip I read was that the type of camera doesn't really matter much compared to the lighting quality (check out this GREAT article from Etsy).

I got my FujiFilm FinePix S2950 online from Best Buy. They had a great bundle deal that included the camera, a memory card, a tripod, and a camera bag all for $185. Just to break it in, I took a few practice shots of my new Hell Razor hair clip and they turned out alright without any special lighting.  
My Sweet Skull Hair Clip from Hell Razor!
I also took a few pictures of my cat Audrey.
The best one is located below.... 

Thanks for stopping by!!!! 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Why Yes Sir, That IS My Tampon!

Ok, it's Friday. That means I will be celebrating someone awesome in my post...

Today, I choose the random man walking out of the corner pizza shop who watched me plummet to the ground uncontrollably after tripping over my own foot. As he walked out the door with his extra large cheese and pepperoni pizza, I doubt that he had prepared himself for the hilariously awkward encounter he was about to witness...BUT (miraculously) he was able to keep a semi-straight face and even make an attempt to help me pick up random things I'd dropped...like peanut butter, lipgloss, and TAMPONS!!!! Ohhhhh that poor, poor man...He made a reach for the tampon until he realized what it was. HA!

ANYWAY, this evening I am giving major kudos too this man who was able to keep his laughter to himself (at least until I was out of dodge). His self control far outweighs my own. I didn't suffer any broken bones or anything serious, just 2 scrapped knees....My leggings, however, were not as lucky. Although, hey do look kinda cool now with multiple holes in them. Ooh! I can wear them with my 90s lbd and look killer!

SEE! You can ALWAYS reinvent your wardrobe, just be creative! ;)
Thanks, pizza connoisseur with self control of steel!        

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Ok, so I saw the new Marilyn Monroe movie...I wasn't really planning on going to see it, but a few girls from work wanted me to go this evening. I wasn't 100% impressed, but it was all in all a good film... I mean, I'm not a professional film critic either so don't take my word for it....I just feel like these movies and stories, etc...aren't necessarily fair to Marilyn Monroe as she is no longer with us. I probably sound like a pretentious douche bag, but it's how I feel!
 I love you Marilyn! 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holy HELL That Was a Long Hiatus!

Sweet Jesus!!!

It took an outrageous amount of time, BUT we're moved, settled, AND finally got the Internet! I didn't abandon you! Let me bring you up to speed!

1) I got a new job! WOO!!!! I'm the assistant boutique proprietor at a Benefit Cosmetics boutique! So, not only have I begun to enjoy my work environment, but I have a acquired an extensive collection of fancy cosmetics at a discounted price...Can't really complain...

2) We moved into an apartment that can fit more than one person (insert rock hands here)!!!! I've been going through old boxes finding some sweet stuff that I'd forgotten I had. We have space to move around AND space for my Etsy stuff!!! Which means...

3) I'm re-launching my Etsy store January 1st! FINALLY!!!!!! I've been organizing and sorting things for the past few weeks. My new camera arrives between Dec. 6th & Dec 16th so I'm SUPER psyched to start taking pictures again!

4) I am starting my blog back up (obviously) so you will be hearing from me on a regular basis now!

It feels great to be organized and settled for the first time in about 2 years! (insert sigh of relief)

Talk to you soon!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Explaining My Unexplained Hiatus!

Hello Beauties!

I'm SO sorry I've been a total bum over the past few weeks. I feel the need to explain myself!

My husband and I recently got married in January...If you remember; January was when I decided to re-brand my entire store. This initiative came out of the fact that:
A)    I wanted to start taking my business seriously, and
B)     My husband moved into my apartment (which was too small for just ME) and I we were under the impression that we were going to move to a few different states or countries for my work. SO it’s been difficult to calculate my next move with the store! 
C)    My Etsy room has been turned into the storage room L The room with the best light and most space has become the dumping ground for packed boxes and Dave’s bass, keyboard, and accordion (oh yeah! He plays the accordion…haha! Multi-talented!).

SO, long story short…I didn’t want to put up some awesome stuff for you guys and then have to tear down shop right afterward because we were all of the sudden moving to London!

Now, I have a much better idea of what our next move is so I figured I could let you all know! We’re scheduled to move into a new place with more space and better light in September! YAY!

I will continue to post stuff to my blog, but I promise you (without a DOUBT) that I will start posting stuff in my store and posting on my blog on a regular basis as SOON as I am moved!

September 30th is my target date!
Stay tuned and I will give you a sweet perk on opening day!

Monday, May 23, 2011

"It's too small for me" - Incorporating Vintage Into Your Modern Wardrobe

Hello Gorgeous!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! I went to the drive-in, went vintage shopping, hung out with some of my very best friends, and got a massage! I am SET for the week…AND my next vintage post!

"It's great, but vintage is too small for me…"

OK! Today’s vintage post is dealing with the “It’s too small for me” complex. I hear it a LOT and it’s true that many vintage pieces are small, but it doesn’t mean that ALL pieces are. Regardless of your size, it can be a little discouraging when trying on vintage items if you don’t know what to expect. SO, this post will help you through the mental block and dealing with the “post vintage shopping gloominess.”   

First Things First!
I can not stress enough how important it is to remember that everyone is built differently and that’s 100% fine!!! No one is the same size or shape and that’s what makes us so unique and beautiful. 

Now, we all do feel a little self conscious at one point or another. ESPECIALLY when shopping for clothing. Like me! I hate shopping for jeans…It makes me feel like I’m gargantuous. Now, in reality I’m not and I know I’m not…BUT after trying on the 40th pair of tight jeans under HORRIBLE dressing-room lighting, it’s mentally exhausting and SUPER frustrating to try and stay in a positive mood. Mostly, I blame the companies who are making the jeans. No size 10 is the same. What is the deal!? No matter how beautiful we really are, we mentally abuse ourselves because we have a mental fixation on something other people don’t even notice.

SO, when trying on any clothing (vintage or not) just remember that
We are not made on assembly line, but 
most clothing is!

What to Expect While Vintage Shopping!
Ok, vintage shopping is kind of like dating...You're gonna need to try a few on before you take one home! ;)Most vintage clothing is handmade OR tailored to fit the previous owner which makes it difficult to find pieces in JUST your size. So when vintage shopping, remember these simple "dating" rules:
  1. The good ones are worth searching for! - Be prepared to search a little before you find “the one”
  2. First impressions can be decieving! - Just because something LOOKS like it won't fit doesn't mean it won't and vice versa. Go ahead! Try it on!!!
  3. Less is more - Do not go in expecting to find vast amounts of vintage clothing in your size. You can usually find a few really great pieces that make you feel awesome!    
  4. Get back on the horse! - Don’t get discouraged if the first few items don’t fit. Eyeballing items for fit takes some practice. Just ask a sales associate if you are having trouble. They know where everything is anyway! :)   
    My Date New Years 2010 ;)
    It's not you, it's them - You might feel discouraged because a lot of the items you're trying on are too small. Make sure you remember that this is not an indication that you're "big"! Fact is, people were a lot smaller in earlier generations. They didn't have access to the amount of protein, food, and improved healthcare like we do. AND we do not try and force ourselves into tiny, uncomfortable girdles and corsets on a daily basis like they did. 
  6. Don't try and force it! - When you're trying on vintage items, you may want to try and force a piece over your shoulders, bust, or hips AND you may succeed! However, your momentary feeling of joy will be replaced by panic as you realize you have to take it back OFF. For example, you may find yourself dancing around a tinsy, heavily curtained, dressing-room for 10 minutes trying to ease a very delicate silk dress back up past your shoulder blades...all the while praying you don't have to ask the GUY behind the counter to come help you AND that the dress doesn't rip...NOT that I have expereince in this area...cough* Moral of the story: Don't try and force something to fit.
    Whip it into shape! - If you find an item that is too big or a little bit too small, you can always go and get it tailored to fit you! Just keep in mind if it's too big, fitting shouldn;'t be an issue. However, if it's too small you'll need to check how much fabric is left to play with in the seams of the dress. If all you need is 1/2 an inch, you should be ok. Just check the seams. You can always ask the shop keeper if they think it can be let out.   
  8. Diamonds are a girl's best friend! - If you're having trouble finding something in your size today, there's always tomorrow! Vintage stores get new stuff in all the time! Give your name and number to the shop keeper and tell him to let you know when they get something in your size. This doens't mean you have to leave empty handed! Go check out the accessories case! get yourself a cute 40s clutch or a sparkley 60s broach. AND silk scarves are always a cute addition to an outfit or bag!  
If you follow these simple rules, you should be fine! Remember, when you find the right piece 

Remember, people used to get married much younger than we do now. If you’re looking for a vintage wedding dress (and you’re larger than a 16-year-old) you may run into some issues. Larger dresses do exist, but they are harder to find and are usually more expensive.

If you’re having trouble finding the right dress, you may want to look into a reproduction. I ended up purchasing a custom made reproduction dress and petticoat from
Porches Place
for a little over $250 (VERY VERY reasonable). Femia was GREAT to work with, I received my dress in enough time to have adjustments done if needed. The colors were perfect and the dress fit like a glove.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Million Dollar Quartet

 My birthday was on Sunday so my husband (Dave) took me to see Million Dollar Quartet. It was Fantastic! SO, today's awesome stuff post is about Million Dollar Quartet...and Rockabilly, of course!

If you haven't seen it and you're into rockabilly, it's a MUST see! MDQ is a "musical" about an actual event. It's about the one day Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Elvis were all hanging out at Sun Records jamming together. It was the last time all 4 rock'n' rollers spent time together in the same studio and you get to hear the actual recording they made. I don't want to spoil anything, so I will spare the details, but it's really a great show and a LOT of fun!

We went to the Chicago show and the actors do such a good job...well...ACTING..and also playing their instruments! You want to get up and dance through entire production AND you're super close to the stage the entire time so you can definitley see the action. Check it out!    

Get Tickets Here!

Me at the Sun Records Museum in Nashville!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Incorporating Vintage into your Modern Wardrobe – “I don’t know where to start”

Finding vintage is fairly easy if you know where to look! This post is designated to help you find what you’re looking for a little more easily.

“I am really interested in adding vintage pieces to my wardrobe, but I don’t know where to start!”

Start Small!
When you're looking to expand your wardrobe with vintage, start with some truly classic pieces and work your way up! Maybe look into a black 50s pencil skirt or a white 70s peasant blouse. try them out at the office or on a weekend outing and see if you like
You can find vintage in many different places, it all depends on how much effort you want to put into finding it and your budget.

First, we must assess how you like to shop!
Which one do you identify with the most?
1) Do you like to run in find what you’re looking for with minimal effort & then run out? If so, you’re a Vintage Store Vixen

2) Do you hate trying things on? Would you rather avoid the crowds and shop online? If so, you’re a
Cyber Chic Chick

3) Do you enjoy the thrill of the hunt? AKA: sifting through racks and racks of clothing for maybe one or two treasures? If so, you’re a Fashionable Fanatic

I’m a Vintage Store Vixen!
You know what you want and you don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to find it. The best option for you is to check out your local vintage or antique store. Vintage store arrange clothing a number of ways. From S, M, L to decade you can easily select items you would like to try on and you can be in and out in no time. 

Vintage Store Vixen

If you’re on a budget:
  • If you dig online shopping, Etsy could be an easy way for you to find what you’re looking for. Shipping is usually pretty prompt depending on what country you or the seller lives in.   
  • Check out any vintage store in your area. To find the closest vintage store to you can always Google to find the nearest store OR check out this stellar US Vintage Directory.  It’s organized by state.
If money is no object:
  • Local Antique stores – here is another directory Locally owned consignment shops tend to have a few unique vintage finds
  • Take a trip to Austin! They have some of the coolest vintage stores I’ve ever been to. Lots of selection and each shop ranges in price
I’m A Cyber Chic Chick!
You love the ease of buying with one click of the mouse and the anticipation of waiting to receive your new items in the mail. It’s like Christmas every time you check your mailbox! OR maybe you just hate crowds and fussing with long checkout lines…Whatever the case, online shopping may be your favorite mode of finding fantastic fashions!  

If you’re on a Budget
    Cyber Chic Chick
  • Check out ModCloth they have an array of vintage styles and also true vintage, but you’ve gotta be quick! Of course Etsy is the obvious choice for vintage excellence AND they have accessible home d├ęcor and accessories as well
  • Decades Vintage - some pretty awesome finds at pretty reasonable prices. It just depends on what you’re looking for
  • Etsy, of course!
If money is no object:
I’m a Fashionable Fanatic!
You want to learn all you can about vintage clothing. Maybe you have an interest in history or you work in the fashion industry. Maybe you are just looking for a new hobby…whatever the case; you love the thrill of the hunt.
Fashionable Fanatic 

If money is no object:
If you’re on a budget:
  • Thrifting: You will need to do a little bit of research on vintage before you go sifting through thrift stores, but they are definitely the best place to find vintage clothing at cheap prices. Check out your local Salvation Army or Goodwill. OH! And make sure you check out your local thrift stores. 
  • Estate Sales: Just make sure you get there early!
  • Etsy: it’s really easy to find cheap vintage on Etsy, but it will take some searching know-how to find what you want!
  • Garage/Rummage Sales – You can find some killer stuff and garage sales…especially if they’re held at a church…there is no real explanation for that, but I find some really neat stuff at church rummage sales
Important Things to Know:
If you’re considering going all-out on being a vintage fanatic you’ve gotta do a little homework…but at least it’s fun! In order to correctly identify a vintage item, you should research the following points:        
  • Types of stitching – is the item handmade? Many garments were before the 60s
  • Materials – cotton, polyester, silk, velvet? Materials can help date a piece
  • Cuts – Is it a 60s shift dress or a 50s cocktail dress? Learning about popular cuts according to era can help you figure out when the piece was made
  • Buttons or zips – What are they made of? Are there initials on them? Where are they located on the garment? These kinds of things can help you determine what   
  • Labeling – Is there a size tag? How about a Union Made tag? If so, how old is it? Is it a stitched tag?
    A little research and experience will help you answer all of these questions with ease.

    This is one of the best and most helpful books I’ve found on the subject of vintage shopping. The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping It’s only $13 and it’s got all kinds of tips from shopping to garment care. A GREAT investment!

    Oh hey! If you live in Chicago, check out this article on the best vintage shops in Chicago!
Learning about vintage can be a little overwhelming at first, but it’s a really interesting subject and if you’re into it, it won’t be difficult to learn. I am (without a doubt) in this category and if I can learn this stuff, then you surely can! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Lush for Purple!

So, I've had kind of a stressful day... My friend and I decided that a lunch time trip to Lush (my favorite bath & body store!...I also used to work there...so I'm a tad biased) would be a good idea! This trip resulted in a self-realization/ St-epiphany (get it?? Stephanie..epiphany.ha!...ok...).

I began shopping in my usual spot (the bomb unit) and picked out some of my favorite bombs -- In case you don't know what a bath bomb is...they're awesome (hence today's post)! They're colorful balls of baking soda & essential oil that you drop into your bath. They fizz up in water and turn into bath oil (and maybe some glitter)! You've gotta try em'!--  Anyway, I picked out 2 of the best smelling bombs, Blackberry & Twilight...mmmmm. Very fragrant and very purple....

THEN, I moved over to the bubble bar unit.  A Bubble Bar is a solid brick of bubble bath....Don't use the whole thing at once...it starts to look like you put the wrong kind of detergent in the dishwasher...ALSO not a good thing to do...try learnin' that the hard way...-- I go directly to my favorite bar of all...French Kiss! The key ingredient is lavender...it makes for the best nighttime bath!  I grab 2 and throw them in my basket.

French Kiss Bubble Bath
As I'm walking around the store someone commented..."Wow. you must really like purple!"...This puzzled me because my favorite color is green...or so I thought... I looked down. My basket was filled with predominantly purple items. I'm wearing a purple vintage pencil skirt (Hulk purple of course!). I also recently re-dyed my colored streak in my hair purple...Eureka! I've been lying to myself!

So, I suppose today's post is about Lush, but also tiny self realizations...Not that this color thing is an amazing realization..BUT,

Has something like this ever happened to anyone else? 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Incorporating Vintage into your Modern Wardrobe – “It wouldn’t look good on me.”

I’m sorry guys! I’ve been having some technical difficulties. My PC got a bad virus on Monday and it had a lot of my info for this week’s Monday and Wednesday’s posts on it. :*( BUT my trusty Mac has my back…even though I didn’t back up my info onto it!  SO, here is your vintage post for Monday the 2nd!

“I’ve tried some stuff on and even though I like it, I still think it looks cuter on other people.”

You tried on at least one vintage piece! (Yay!) BUT you didn’t like how it looked on you. (aww…). I hear this scenario a lot.
1) Someone tries on a vintage piece they really like (yay!)
2) The piece isn’t flattering (grr…)
3) They feel sad and decide they can’t wear vintage at all even though they still want to (sniffle*)  

Don’t worry! I’m here to help! Just remember these few steps. 

Not all vintage is made the same!
In this scenario it is important to remember that vintage pieces are just like modern pieces in the respect that not all cuts are flattering to all shapes and sizes. You may not like how one 60s shift dress fits, but another one may fit you perfectly

Find yourself a good Tailor!  
You’d be amazed at how great a piece of clothing can look on you if you get it tailored. A piece that may be a little too big or a little too small could be taken in or let out in specific areas for a better fit. AND it’s usually pretty cheap. Check your local listings for a tailor BUT make sure you ask around (other businesses in the area, people, etc…) to see if they’re good. Oh! And check to see if they do alterations on vintage clothing.

Decade to body type is a lie!
No matter what decade it was, there have always been people of all sizes. I have pieces from the 20s that fit me and I’m not tiny. Curvy, petite, tall, short…It doesn’t really matter what decade it was…people of all sizes have existed from day one. Granted, it’s harder to find larger sizes from older decades (like the 20s) BUT it’s possible to find! Just keep your eyes peeled and your mind open.  

Friday, April 29, 2011

And Now for Something Completely Different!

(Pictures to follow! My server is having a few technical difficulties...)
Ok, so the royal wedding is obviously HUGE news today and as we all know, it was a smashing success! The dress was fantastic and the weather was lovely….

And Now, for Something Completely Different!!!

One of the coolest chicks to ever grace the UK…….
Carol Cleveland!
(You know! The blonde bombshell from Monty Python!)

Not only is she commonly referred to as the"Seventh Python" or the "Python Girl,” but she was the most important female performer in the Monty Python ensemble.

She was hired originally to only appear in 5 episodes of Monty Python and the Flying Circus, but she was so fantastic that she ended up appearing in two-thirds of the episodes as well as all of the Python films, and in most of their stage shows.

Affectionately referring to herself as “The Glamour Stooge,” carol Cleveland has a pretty extensive background in the industry of glamour and has written her own one woman show called “Pom-Poms Up.” Her website says it’s, “an autobiographical, humorous and informative look at the glamour business.”

Check out two of my favorite Carol Cleveland skits HERE! …and HERE!   
Check out her website HERE!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cupcakes are Sweet!

Hello all you beautiful people! Ready for a sugar rush!?

I know cupcakes are all over the place right now BUT I had to do a post about them today because I just bought one of the best cupcake cookbooks (bake books??) I've come across in a long time! It's called "Who You Callin' Cupcake?" 

This book has 75 "in your face" recipes that are geared to make baking fun, easy, and tasty! Cupcake titles include: The Elvis, White Trash, Thai Spice, Irish Car Bomb, and Coffee & a Cigarette. I can't WAIT to try them out! This book is brought to you by the bitchin' bakers who started Chicago's Bleeding Heart Bakery (Check them out! The cupcakes are fantastic!!)

Delicious Molly's Cupcakes at my wedding

If you're a cupcake fanatic and need a daily fix of sugary sweet awesomeness, this blog is updated daily and is your connection to all things cupcake....Which is convenient because the blog is called All Things Cupcake!  Their special events Cupcake Ideas section covers everything from cupcake products like aprons and table cloths to stationary, lollipops, and centerpieces. Oh! AND the wedding section has some cute ideas too!

And finally, Molly's Cupcakes! They made & delivered the red velvet and vanilla cupcakes for my wedding in January. They were delicious and looked great! If you visit thei location on Clark Street, I highly recommend the Carrie's Campfire specialty cupcake!

Want this SWEET hair bow?? Visit Hell Razor!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Incorporating Vintage into Your Modern Wardrobe – "I can't pull it off!"

People are always coming up to me and telling how much they love vintage and want to wear it and THEN they give me a “reason” why they can’t wear it. These “reasons” are usually preconceived notions that can easily be put to rest with some confidence and a little know how! J 

SO, I’ve decided to break down my first few Monday vintage posts by the preconceived notions I repeatedly hear as to “why I can’t wear vintage.” In the coming weeks I will cover topics such as:
Today: “I can’t pull it off”
“I wouldn’t look good in it”
“I don’t know where to start”
“It’s too small for me”
“It’s too expensive!”
On to today’s post!   
How to Incorporate Vintage Pieces into Your Modern Wardrobe
 “I love how it looks, but I could never pull it off.” 
(This one makes me cringe the most)

Ok first off, the term “pull it off” annoys me in any context. I don’t care if it’s fashion, cooking, dog walking, whatever…It always makes me cringe because it reinforces the belief that you can’t do something. It sounds corny, but if you have confidence in yourself you really can do anything you want. You only live once! Yeah, you may fail once or twice, but who cares?? You learn from your mistakes and you move on a bit little smarter and with a lot more self-confidence! Ok, off my soap box and back to vintage.
My awesome 50s Etsy find with modern
Express bolero: Christmas 2009
Don’t Be Scared! You can do it! 
It’s all about finding a style that you like and finding pieces you will feel comfortable wearing. I personally like really colorful flashy pieces, but other people prefer muted colors and a more reserved style. So, make sure you’re looking for pieces you’re comfortable with.    

Try Some On!
You’ve already established that you like the look of vintage, so why not try some on for yourself? It’s important to remember that vintage pieces (just like modern pieces) vary in sizes and shapes. This means that you will need to measure yourself before you begin looking. This sounds a LOT more involved than it is…It will take you 5 mins tops. For a quick & easy “How to” click here! Vintage pieces (just like modern pieces) look the best when they’re your size so measure yourself and then begin testing the waters.   
If you have a friend that wears vintage, ask them if you can try a piece on. If the friend is larger or smaller than you, start by holding a piece up to your body and checking it out in the mirror (make sure it’s a piece you like). If the piece fits you (and your friend says it’s ok) ask if you can go out for a drink with them wearing the piece just to see how it feels. 

If you don’t have said friend, check out the Etsy vintage section for sale items or a piece that meets your measurement requirements. It is easy to find items in your size if you type in XS, S, M, L, or XL or enter your measurement number in the search box. For example, if I were looking for a 60s style skirt, my waist measurement is 34. I would type in “60s skirt W34” and then hit search.

Give it a try! It's not a lifestyle change, it's just a skirt! ;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vintage Underground!

Hello, loyal readers!
Thanks for checking out today’s post!

I wanted to draw your attention to one of Chicago’s coolest vintage stores!:

Vintage Underground 

You can find this picture and more here  
It’s located underneath (Yep! You heard right! Underneath)
North Ave.
in Wicker Park. Just walk in the door and take the stairs down to vintage paradise! They have a friendly, knowledgeable staff and a LOT of cool unique stuff from bikes to baubles. Their selection scans multiple decades and they have a killer dress section. I have found some of my most favorite 50s and 60s party dresses here as well as some crazy & unique earrings. AND Their prices are pretty good for a downtown vintage store. Make sure you check this place out especially if you’re in the market for vintage jewelry. Take a trip downtown and downstairs to check out their state of the art jewelry section. It takes up half the store and it’s spectacular!

I came across this gem while avoiding a thunderstorm last summer. I emerged after the storm with lighter pockets and heavy bags full of vintage awesomeness!

You can visit Vintage Underground online here!
1834 W. North Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622
773 252 4559
Store Hours
Tuesday - Thursday 11:00am - 6:00pm
Friday and Saturday 11:00am - 7:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Epic Blogging Guide Alert

Woo! It's Wacky Wednesday! Today's post is going to be a little short due to my crazy work day..BUT this is totally worth checking out regardless of the length...hmm...sounds kinda dirty....OK! Mind out of the gutter...Ahem'

I found a sweet metal blog called Steff Metal (if you like metal it's a pretty fun read). BUT reading through her site I found this blogging guide that I'm planning on buying next week! It's called Grymm & Epic Blogging Guide (by Steff of Steff Metal). Judging from her posts, it should be a great read! I'm excited!!!

I am also psyched about the skull and roses scarf i picked up for 10 bucks in New Orleans.
You can check it out right over there! >>

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Low-Down on This Blog:

Hello there!
As you can see, I've just started this blog and I wanted to do a little post to give you a rundown on what this thing is set up. So, here goes!

Monday, Monday:
Mondays will be dedicated to answering all of the scary questions you may have about anything vintage (like "How to incorporate that vintage skirt into your modern wardrobe!").

Wacky Wednesday:
Wednesday posts are all about getting you psyched about something awesome in the middle of the week! I'm always on the look out for cool stuff and this is where (and when) I will share it with you! I will also post about stuff I'm working on if I think it would interest you!

YAY for Friday!!! The end of the week should be celebrated and so awesome people! SO, Fridays will be my Awesome People Post day. I'll include interviews and/or information on people who are truly awesome!

As always, I'm open for questions or suggestions! So, if you have something you would like to see posted on my blog please contact me here!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back from vacation with some mean finds!

Elvis Fight!!!!

Hello there!
I've been on a 2 week Internet hiatus scouring Nashville, TN for easily found awesomeness. My husband Dave and I are looking for an apartment in Nashville so we stumbled across many areas (and stores!) of interest.

If you're looking to get your vintage fix in Nashville you'll have to drive around a little but it's worth it! Make SURE that you check out Fanny's House of Music on the East End of the city. The staff there is very kind and SO helpful. This is one of  my favorite stores because it's filled with vintage clothing AND  instruments! They offer lessons and  let you play anything you want, but they ALSO have one of the best and most affordable vintage clothing collections in the city. A must see if you're heading down to Nashville.

Another place you'll find a sweet vintage selection is Pre to Post Modern at 2110 8th Ave S closer to downtown Nashville. They have a STELLAR selection of home decor, furniture, and (of course) clothing! I found a black 60s shift dress with a feather trim for $16!

If you're in the mood for a spectacular breakfast (and who isn't!?) get to the Pancake Pantry in Nashville's neighborhood of Hillsboro. Make sure you get there around 11 to miss the longer line (YEP! This place is THAT good!) After you've satisfied your stomach, walk across the street to Pangea. This is also one of my favorite stores in the city. Their collection of...well...everything is gorgeous to look at and even more fun to buy! They have trendy and eclectic clothing, funky cocktail items, fun embroidered pillows and home decor AND (my personal favorite) a day of the dead section!

Stay tuned for the NOLA blog post AND the launch of my Etsy store! Coming soon!!!!



Monday, March 28, 2011


Hi All!
I've been taking some time off for a 2 week vacation with my husband! Our first week was spent roaming the streets of Nashville, TN! Nashville rocks in all it's glitzy kitschy glory! Now we're livin' it up in the birthplace of Jazz!

If any of you are lucky enough to get down here to New Orleans you've gotta check out Ragin' Daisy! This fun & sassy store is located at 901 Chartres Street. So, come on down and check it out!

Pretty Flower Pots!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Why, Hello There!

Thank you for reading! I’m Stephanie and I’m pleased to meet you!

So you’re probably wondering what Calamity Layne is all about…Well here goes:

Hi! :)

Calamity Layne is a collaboration of my many efforts to better the world through history, art, and (as always, a lot of quirkiness)!

Numero Uno – It’s the name of my Etsy store. I sell vintage clothing & housewares, but I also create my own designs from vintage clothing & embroidery called “Renovations.”

2. It’s a space that is designed to help you feel comfortable and confident about purchasing, wearing and using vintage items. My blog will cover everything from measuring yourself & vintage sizing to how to incorporate vintage into your wardrobe.

3. It’s a space where I not only show off my own creations, but also the creations and talents of friends who have helped me along the way. I’ll cover all kinds of stuff like  artist profiles, music, and business advice.
So, if you enjoy fun, crazy, and vintage – you’ve come to the right place!

Calamity Layne