Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Home Sweet Studio!

Hi Ya Gorgeous!
I'm back from St. Louis and excited to start taking pictures for my Etsy store! I started taking some practice pictures in my "studio" this evening. This gave me the idea for my blog post! Today,  I'm going to introduce you to my "studio" (I put the word studio in parentheses because it's located in an apartment which means it's temporary) AND give you a few tips if you're trying to organize your own studio.

Putting my studio together was not easy, but it was a lot of fun! I ran into all kinds of issues, but I came up with inventive ways to fix things as best I could. I'm going to use my experience to hopefully help you too!
My main issues and solutions!  

Issue: I can't paint. :( I wish I could paint the wall a cool vintage green or pink, but we live in an apartment and our landlord won't let us.
Solution: I'm still bummed I can't paint, but I was able to hang some pictures, a mirror, and my vintage red shelving unit where I'm able to place some of my favorite stuff from New Orleans. Even though I can't paint,  I was still able to make the space feel more comfortable and more like me. This is half the battle!

Please ignore my plaid work
in progress!  
Issue: I have to share my space. My studio is on one wall of our sitting room.  
Solution: I may have to share my space, but I was able to carve out a little section for all of my crafting treasures. I used 2 square book shelves from Ikea to make a small storage wall for my books, sewing materials, and other crafting supplies. I also found a vintage desk at Salvation Army for $50 that serves as my sewing desk, crafting table, and my everyday work space.
My husband has a smaller room next to my studio where he has set up our guitars and his keyboard and a futon for guests (I call it his man cave) BUT I did steal the closet in that room for my Etsy clothes.

Issue: Storage.
Solution: I was able to optimize storage space by designating vintage kitchen canisters, vintage tins, and boxes for all of my crafting materials. A simple wall hook works great as easy access storage for  work in progress.  

Tea, Sugar, & Flour

Erasers, Rubber Stamps, & Staples

Colored Pencils, Crayons, and Glue
Putting your space together may seem a little overwhelming at first, but don't give up! Creating your own space is rewarding and exciting!

These small tips will help move the process along:
1) Narrow down the desired look and feel of your space. If it's for your Etsy store, you may want the look and feel to be similar to your store.
2) Inspiration -  Gather items that inspire and stimulate you. Make sure they match your desired look and feel for your space.
3) Be honest with yourself! What makes you comfortable? What are your favorite colors? What makes you happy and free?
I hope this posting helps you on your path to creating your space!

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