Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vavoom Pinups!

Hello Gorgeous!
Thats me! I'm an official pin up, and you can be too! 
Me (and 4 of my friends) got primped and fancy at Vavoom Pinups in Chicago! I had seen pin up pictures somewhere and I decided I wanted to see what I would look like as a pin up....SO, I Googled "pin-up photographers Chicago" and Vavoom Pinups appeared!

They are located in Logan Square at 2239 N Kimball Ave. You can purchase a photo session by yourself or gather 4 or 5 of your girlfriends together to do a group shoot (which also ends up being cheaper for all of you in the long run).

Once you pick a time and date for your party, you can bring your own outfits or you can choose from their selection (I did both). The make up and hair artists deck you out and then you go upstairs for your photo shoot.

They have props and the photographer makes you feel super comfortable and she coaches you on how to do pinup poses so it's all really easy and comfortable.

If you wanna watch the process, check this out! 

After your photo shoot, you pick out your favorite photos and she stores them on your own secure online  album within a weeks time so you can choose the photos you want to have airbrushed and made into a portrait, print, or other kinds of products (like calendars or other fun stuff).

My friends and I definitely had a lot of fun getting pretty and posing for pictures! The process and the photos give you a major self confidence boost! You should try it!

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