About Me

Hello Gorgeous! Welcome to Calamity Layne!

I'm glad you're here! Now, let me give you the skinny on why I’m here! 
I’ve always worn vintage clothing, but I only discovered that I wanted to own my own shop a few years ago. 

I had been managing a band that had a really retro sound and they were in need of a cheap wardrobe for their upcoming tour. I began scouring thrift stores, vintage shops, and estate sales for anything I could find. I really enjoyed shopping for other people and it soon became a thing amongst some of my friends. 

In response to this (and my love of the hunt) I started Calamity Layne to sell fun & affordable vintage items for men & women. I look for interesting, funky pieces you can wear on stage, off stage, or anywhere in between! 

This blog is a collection of things related to vintage, music, and other fun stuff that would be fun to read about! Oh yeah, and my store too! ;) 

Check out Calamity Layne on Etsy! 

Thank you for visiting!