Friday, December 2, 2011

Why Yes Sir, That IS My Tampon!

Ok, it's Friday. That means I will be celebrating someone awesome in my post...

Today, I choose the random man walking out of the corner pizza shop who watched me plummet to the ground uncontrollably after tripping over my own foot. As he walked out the door with his extra large cheese and pepperoni pizza, I doubt that he had prepared himself for the hilariously awkward encounter he was about to witness...BUT (miraculously) he was able to keep a semi-straight face and even make an attempt to help me pick up random things I'd peanut butter, lipgloss, and TAMPONS!!!! Ohhhhh that poor, poor man...He made a reach for the tampon until he realized what it was. HA!

ANYWAY, this evening I am giving major kudos too this man who was able to keep his laughter to himself (at least until I was out of dodge). His self control far outweighs my own. I didn't suffer any broken bones or anything serious, just 2 scrapped knees....My leggings, however, were not as lucky. Although, hey do look kinda cool now with multiple holes in them. Ooh! I can wear them with my 90s lbd and look killer!

SEE! You can ALWAYS reinvent your wardrobe, just be creative! ;)
Thanks, pizza connoisseur with self control of steel!        

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