Monday, May 9, 2011

Incorporating Vintage into your Modern Wardrobe – “It wouldn’t look good on me.”

I’m sorry guys! I’ve been having some technical difficulties. My PC got a bad virus on Monday and it had a lot of my info for this week’s Monday and Wednesday’s posts on it. :*( BUT my trusty Mac has my back…even though I didn’t back up my info onto it!  SO, here is your vintage post for Monday the 2nd!

“I’ve tried some stuff on and even though I like it, I still think it looks cuter on other people.”

You tried on at least one vintage piece! (Yay!) BUT you didn’t like how it looked on you. (aww…). I hear this scenario a lot.
1) Someone tries on a vintage piece they really like (yay!)
2) The piece isn’t flattering (grr…)
3) They feel sad and decide they can’t wear vintage at all even though they still want to (sniffle*)  

Don’t worry! I’m here to help! Just remember these few steps. 

Not all vintage is made the same!
In this scenario it is important to remember that vintage pieces are just like modern pieces in the respect that not all cuts are flattering to all shapes and sizes. You may not like how one 60s shift dress fits, but another one may fit you perfectly

Find yourself a good Tailor!  
You’d be amazed at how great a piece of clothing can look on you if you get it tailored. A piece that may be a little too big or a little too small could be taken in or let out in specific areas for a better fit. AND it’s usually pretty cheap. Check your local listings for a tailor BUT make sure you ask around (other businesses in the area, people, etc…) to see if they’re good. Oh! And check to see if they do alterations on vintage clothing.

Decade to body type is a lie!
No matter what decade it was, there have always been people of all sizes. I have pieces from the 20s that fit me and I’m not tiny. Curvy, petite, tall, short…It doesn’t really matter what decade it was…people of all sizes have existed from day one. Granted, it’s harder to find larger sizes from older decades (like the 20s) BUT it’s possible to find! Just keep your eyes peeled and your mind open.  

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