Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Lush for Purple!

So, I've had kind of a stressful day... My friend and I decided that a lunch time trip to Lush (my favorite bath & body store!...I also used to work I'm a tad biased) would be a good idea! This trip resulted in a self-realization/ St-epiphany (get it?? Stephanie..epiphany.ha!...ok...).

I began shopping in my usual spot (the bomb unit) and picked out some of my favorite bombs -- In case you don't know what a bath bomb is...they're awesome (hence today's post)! They're colorful balls of baking soda & essential oil that you drop into your bath. They fizz up in water and turn into bath oil (and maybe some glitter)! You've gotta try em'!--  Anyway, I picked out 2 of the best smelling bombs, Blackberry & Twilight...mmmmm. Very fragrant and very purple....

THEN, I moved over to the bubble bar unit.  A Bubble Bar is a solid brick of bubble bath....Don't use the whole thing at starts to look like you put the wrong kind of detergent in the dishwasher...ALSO not a good thing to do...try learnin' that the hard way...-- I go directly to my favorite bar of all...French Kiss! The key ingredient is makes for the best nighttime bath!  I grab 2 and throw them in my basket.

French Kiss Bubble Bath
As I'm walking around the store someone commented..."Wow. you must really like purple!"...This puzzled me because my favorite color is green...or so I thought... I looked down. My basket was filled with predominantly purple items. I'm wearing a purple vintage pencil skirt (Hulk purple of course!). I also recently re-dyed my colored streak in my hair purple...Eureka! I've been lying to myself!

So, I suppose today's post is about Lush, but also tiny self realizations...Not that this color thing is an amazing realization..BUT,

Has something like this ever happened to anyone else? 

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