Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back from vacation with some mean finds!

Elvis Fight!!!!

Hello there!
I've been on a 2 week Internet hiatus scouring Nashville, TN for easily found awesomeness. My husband Dave and I are looking for an apartment in Nashville so we stumbled across many areas (and stores!) of interest.

If you're looking to get your vintage fix in Nashville you'll have to drive around a little but it's worth it! Make SURE that you check out Fanny's House of Music on the East End of the city. The staff there is very kind and SO helpful. This is one of  my favorite stores because it's filled with vintage clothing AND  instruments! They offer lessons and  let you play anything you want, but they ALSO have one of the best and most affordable vintage clothing collections in the city. A must see if you're heading down to Nashville.

Another place you'll find a sweet vintage selection is Pre to Post Modern at 2110 8th Ave S closer to downtown Nashville. They have a STELLAR selection of home decor, furniture, and (of course) clothing! I found a black 60s shift dress with a feather trim for $16!

If you're in the mood for a spectacular breakfast (and who isn't!?) get to the Pancake Pantry in Nashville's neighborhood of Hillsboro. Make sure you get there around 11 to miss the longer line (YEP! This place is THAT good!) After you've satisfied your stomach, walk across the street to Pangea. This is also one of my favorite stores in the city. Their collection of...well...everything is gorgeous to look at and even more fun to buy! They have trendy and eclectic clothing, funky cocktail items, fun embroidered pillows and home decor AND (my personal favorite) a day of the dead section!

Stay tuned for the NOLA blog post AND the launch of my Etsy store! Coming soon!!!!



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