Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Soundtrack!

Hello ladies and gents! 

When I'm down in the dumps or I'm feelin' pretty low I head straight to my collection of Dale Watson albums! I was lucky enough to go see him for the first time last year with a few of my friends and the show was the perfect mix of silliness, honky tonk, and shots! ;) 

This picture is via my awesome friend Mandy! It's from last month's show at Martyrs'.
We had a blast! 
Dale Watson puts on the best live shows because he’s a genuine guy on and off stage, has great talent, and is hilarious on stage. Despite his intense backstory, he's kind, real, and stays after every show to talk to anyone who will come see him. 

Dale & Me 2 years ago! 
I've enjoyed every show I'v been to! OH, if you DO find yourself at one of his shows, make sure to bring some extra cash! He’ll do your requests if you buy him a shot! You can usually catch him at Martyrs' 

Check him out doing Mama Tried by Merle Haggard! 

I've included some of my Honky Tonk Faves at the bottom of this post. You can hear them by licking on the playlist below! 

Fox on the Run          
That’s Country My Ass
My Baby Makes Me Gravy
Nashville Rash
Dale Watson by Calamity Layne on Grooveshark

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