Thursday, March 15, 2012


Hello There!

We're almost to the weekend!!! I'm excited about this weekend because we might go visit puppies at the shelter some time this weekend. Yay!!! I'm hoping we can bring one home :)

I recently went on a shopping trip with Jen from Hell Razor. You can check out her blog on the plastic tomato she brought home, but the only thing I brought home was a $10 ceramic bust of Elvis. As I was trying to find a new home for it, I realized how much Elvis stuff I have. Check this out!

My new ceramic Elvis
My husband, Dave gave me HE BEST anniversary present ever....I've wanted one for years and now I finally got...a velvet Elvis!
This huge paster is in our living room. The Elvis pillow I got from my aunt when I was still in high school, my new ceramic Elvis is hanging out there, AND my Elvis makeup bag is hanging out in the corner.

I still need to replace the hands on this clock, but I found this thing at a thrift store in Ohio for $4!!!! I LOVE this's really heavy and kind of hard to hang on the wall in our apartment. I think I might try and find a spot on the mantel for it....

Before I left my 9 to 5 job, one of the guys gave me these buttons. They are pretty awesome and hey spruce up my wall mounted ribbon holder!

My friend gave me this bendy Elvis for Christmas one year...He hangs out next to my desk. I also have random Elvis mugs and other Elvis stuff, but I thought you may be bored by now! ;) Stay tuned for more vintage postings this weekend!!!

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