Monday, March 12, 2012

My First 5 Tips in Thrifting!

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I hope your Monday is going great! Mine sure is!! ;) I have to day off work and I've been able to organize my space a little. YAY! I also have time to write this blog that I've been wanting to do for a while now.

Tips in Thrifting!...Dun, dun, duuuunnnnn....  

Ok, thrift stores are a lot of fun for me because they're cheap and they're like a treasure hunt. You never know what's going to be waiting for you among the masses of crap. It can be very overwhelming if you  let it, so here are my first 5 tips in thrifting just for you! 

Tip #1- Go in with a game plan!
Thrifting can get overwhelming really fast if you don't know what you're looking for. So, to combat the sense of craziness, organize in your head:
1) What are you hoping to find today? 
You're looking for a sweet, red, bulky sweater to go with your new studded leggings?
2) Where is the best place to find this item in the store? 
Usually, thrift stores have some kind of organization to them. You are going to look in the women's  shirt or sweater section.  

3) What color are you hoping to find today?
Red! Ok, visually scan the rack for anything red that may be an option and check them out. 

Tip #2- Keep an open mind! 
Someone once told me, nothing is ugly in the right setting. It kind of made me look at things a lot differently...A hideous gold lamp might not look hideous in a funky gold and black room. So when you're looking at items in a thrift store, try an imagine them in your living space or in your wardrobe. A crazy print vest may look awesome with your new skirt or haircut. 

Tip #3 - Don't be intimidated/ Don't pigeonhole yourself! 
Ok, I would pretty much say this about any shopping trip. Try stuff on!!! Even if you think you're going to hate it, if it speaks to you go try in on! Have you ever watched those horrible fashion shows where someone's friends ambush them with that lady and that dude who go through their wardrobe and throw everything away? Ok, I hate that show...a lot....BUT they got one thing right, you should try things on even if you're afraid to. That 70s backless black jumpsuit may be intimidating, but you're never going to know if you like in unless you try it! I've been pleasantly surprised MANY times by keeping this tip in mind!!! 

Tip #4 - Explore multiple zones! 
Don't stay in one section to look for things. I've found some awesome pieces in the men's section...jackets, t shirts, sweaters...especially if you're looking for larger sized separates. You may even stumble across something that was put in the mens section on accident. ALWAYS check out the house-wears section, you can find some AWESOME conversation pieces. 

Tip #5 - Sizes and dressing rooms....or lack there of! 
Ok, so sizes are all over the place at thrift stores (unless you're lucky enough to find one organized by size). It gets even trickier when we're talking about vintage...those sizes are different than modern sizes.  If you're looking at shirts, you may be able to just put it on over what you're wearing. If you can't do that, then here is my tip for sizing things when there is no place to try something on:
  1. Find a mirror and hold the item up to your body.
  2. Mold the item to your body. Make sure you are accounting for where the garment should start at your shoulders. Then, check to see if the fabric reaches or stretches comfortably to the middle of your armpit (or past the underwire in your bra in the same area). If it does, it should fit your bust. 
  3. Do the same with the remainder of the garment. If it's a dress, do this with the waist and the hips.
  4. If you love it and it's too big, keep in mind you can have it tailored and you're only paying a few bucks for this item.
  5. If it's too small, check the seams inside. Is there an extra inch or 2 that could be let out to fit you? 
Hopefully these 5 little tips will help you on your next thrifting journey! Stay tuned for the next 5! 


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