Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Soundtrack!

In honor of my tickets to go see REVEREND HORTON HEAT next Saturday, I am writing a music post! WooHOO! 

I normally don't write music posts because I over think them WAY too much, BUT I thought I'd try it out anyway).  

Here are some of my favorite Rockabilly a Psychobilly artists so check these guys out! 

Aside from having THE BEST growl in the world, Wanda is probably my favorite female rockabilly artist. She's fantastic. I think she even dated Elvis for a second. The woman is amazing, she debuted in 1956 and is STILL playing shows! I've seen her live 3 times and she's still got it!  

I LOVE Ant Thomas' voice. It's gross, grody, and fantastic. These guys are a Welsh Psychobilly band from the 80s. They do a killer cover of Be Bop A Lula (that's conveniently located above this section).

She's the real thing! They called her Female Elvis and she held her own in a male dominated genre in the 50s. One of my heros!  

These guys are one of the "roots" bands for psychobilly. Formed in the UK in1980 and are still rockin' out. I love this song...haha!  

A Chicago 8 piece rockabilly band that started in 2006 with 3 kick ass front women and some legendary musicians! I first saw them at the Abbey Pub a few years ago and they rocked my socks off! Their sound is a mix of surf, rock and roll, and genuine R&B.   

 These guys are a newer gothabilly band from Australia and they're kind of hilarious, but still awesome. 


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