Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Getting Your Shit Together - Part 2

Hi There!

Last time we talked about getting yourself organized. You now know what you want to do and now it's time to start on where you're going AKA: your plan of action. You probably have a few ides on how you're going to achieve your goal and you're raring to go, but you may find it a little more difficult than planned to get things rolling.

Watch out for bad habits! Watching TV when you should be taking new pictures for your website or sleeping in an extra hour instead of writing a much needed blog post can be detrimental to your goal. I'm not saying NEVER watch TV, but schedule time for it after you get your work done or use it as a reward for finishing your goal for the day. Here are a few simple ways to get yourself on the right track!    

  • Write yourself a weekly schedule and plan activities (night out, TV, catching some extra Zzzzs) around that schedule. 
  • Reward yourself with your bad habit. Tell yourself that you can watch that Criminal Minds marathon IF you get these 3 things done beforehand.  
  • Make sure you keep your main goal as your focus. Thinking about how this task could mean faster success of your goal will make you want to finish the task at hand more than you want to watch your show.  
  • Learn to say "No." If you don't really feel like going out, but get a dinner invite don't be afraid to say no. Just tell then that you really need to get some work done and schedule dinner for a night you have open....I mean, don't miss out on an awesome night...If they're inviting you to a Led Zeppelin Reunion with Jason Bonham (*dream) by ALL means you should go, just keep your goal in mind and be willing to schedule more time for your goal the next day. As you can probably tell, this is the one I have the hardest time with. I love going out, but I make sure I get my stuff done at home first and THEN go out! 
These are the 4 things that most helped me get on track and stay there. Just think about it like this... What is more important to you, achieving your goal as soon as possible, or giving in to your vices?

Stay on track and you may get one of these!!!! 

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